15 thoughts on “BLOOD RED

  1. Not sure what the matt red is….paint? Ehrrr….blood?
    But the shiny colours are the red, yellow & white reflections of shop neon signs on the wet pavement and the shiny blue is a reflection of the sky.

    Glad I don’t live in Melbourne city itself. There are dozens of high-rise building construction works and cranes everywhere….and the smell….of cigarette smoke, chemicals and perfumes are disgusting. Bad for my MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) some days and after doing my errand, I usually don’t stay long. Have often taken the camera home un-used in recent months.

    I need to see the birds and the sky.

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  2. Incredible photo, Vicki. You are so gifted. I’ve probably already told you this but am going on an indefinite blog break + trying to avoid internet as much as possible. I am sick to death of my own words!


  3. Be well, Julie. I must say the 8 days I had without the internet last week were quite refreshing in some ways.

    Sometimes I think it would be good for everyone to have plenty of long breaks from modern technology. I got sick of writing words so made this B & W blog ‘images only’ for a break.


  4. I love reflections in puddles, but after being abused a few times in the city (for stopping in the middle of the pavement to photograph them), I don’t do so many these days. Well, not in the city centre anyway.


  5. Definitely macabre, but since it’s only the red lights of a shop reflecting in the puddle I think we can feel at ease. Maybe the matte areas of colour are paint (on the footpath)?


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