1. Thanks Jane.

      (Some followers like my street photography in B & W better than my nature blog. Sometimes I wish I had kept to my old blog at because it covered all genres, but I’d run out of room and bought one lot of space and couldn’t afford more so had to start new blogs. With all the amazing light in this apartment, I could get back to food photography for starters. I do love B & W I must admit).

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      1. I know the feeling of running out of space. I’m at that point now and considering my options. I love your nature shots too but I do have a special fondness for B & W. We enjoy everything you offer though, Vicki. 🙂

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    2. I’ve cut down on posts, but I’m still going to run out on these 2 blogs also. Actually I keep running out of internet allowance which is more worrying. My current contract doesn’t end until March 2016 and I need to do some research on Internet Providers & Finances into the future.


      1. I had issues with my Internet allowance until a few months ago when we changed plans. I’d tell you what we are on but my son (who does software engineering) deals with all that. I’m terrible ignorant about these things. There are some great plans about though. Now I don’t have to stress about it at all! It’s a relief really. I hope you can find a plan that better suits you. Not sure what I will do with my blog yet.

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    1. Thanks Mark.
      Just had a quick look at your blog and I love it.
      Great to see Sydney through your eyes. I’ll have to check out your archives when I have more time.


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