10 thoughts on “The Everyday, The Ordinary

  1. I think you would Trisha. It’s just a matter of taking dozens of shots of everyday life and people walking around and then working out which ones you like and why. Keep doing this over and over again. Look at street photography images on Google and do the same thing. Work out why you like some compositions and why you don’t like others. I can assure you I make many photos when I’m in the city and most go in the trash bin. Some have too much detail. Some have too much negative space. Some are too blurred with nothing in focus. Others have some blurred figures but they’re ok as they ‘just work’.

    I’ve been a people watcher all my life, even 40 years ago waiting in airports for my plane flights to go overseas.

    The thing that really strikes me in the city is that nearly everyone is on their mobile phones AND people rarely have smiles on their faces – many look totally bored with their day.


  2. I really like the street photography shots you post. They’re all very striking!

    My thought when around people is always how to get away, which probably isn’t an attitude that leads to good street photography! πŸ™‚

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  3. I have to admit I’ve made more photos of that lane way than any other spot in Melbourne. It joins the main shopping mall (pedestrian only) with the street where I catch a tram to go home, so is well used.

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