19 thoughts on “DISTORTED REFLECTIONS – Melbourne CBD

  1. Great one and good to see more images,Vicki. I watched a DVD filmed in the country near Melbourne. About girls at a Riding stable .Love the country views and reminded me of where your SIL lives? Have a great day! 🙂

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    1. I think everyone loved this image when I first posted it. It’s made by looking upwards at the wavy mirror reflection (of a girl sitting on some steps outside a shop. Also have some pics of people walking past the mirrored ‘columns’ outside the shop, which looks interesting too).

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    1. No I haven’t Steve. All my city images (street photography & street art) are purely what I see when in the city shopping. I don’t have friends and family living close to me so my shopping expeditions are purely solitary. Same with my Nature walks on my Living with Nature blog.

      The rare times I’m out & about with a friend, they walk too fast & talk too much for me to do any photography. I don’t have the health, physical fitness etc to keep up with a Photography Club and without a car these days, getting around is limited to public transport. I wish I’d taken up photography 40 years ago, but was too busy travelling, working (to save up for overseas travel) or partying, to have time for hobbies.

      Now in retirement, I have all the time in the world, but not the health to do much.


  2. Thanks Otto. I must say it’s a fun place to make photos. You point the camera upwards and wait for people to walk underneath (if someone isn’t sitting on the steps as in the photo in this post).


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