8 thoughts on “ONE MORE SPOT TO CLEAN – New Restaurant Opening

    1. Thanks AWF.
      I think it actually looks better in the image than the actual street scene. The isolation of the worker (without the rest of the pedestrians hurrying by) seemed to give me the post title.

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    1. Thanks Steve.
      With my new apartment having floor to ceiling windows, I seem to be cleaning them every few days and with the wonderful view to take photos through them, I actually enjoy the task πŸ˜€


    1. Thank you Mark.
      To be honest I think I’ve photographed every bird & flower so many times, street photography somehow seems more interesting in some ways. But with street photography, it takes longer to find the shot.

      Most of my street photos I find when I decide to go home and am actually walking to the bus or tram stop (as with the image above).

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