9 thoughts on “INNER CITY LIVING

  1. Cool captures! Those clean modern lines have their own kind of beauty. And how incredible that such a place is so close to a river and a farm!

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  2. Worlds away from my previous life too.
    If it wasn’t for the river, farm and enormous windows …not sure that I would survive in this environment. Most of my view over the rooftops is framed in tree tops around the parkland and river. It’s a weird kind of existence (already). I feel like I’m in in other world.


  3. Yes, It’s unbelievable, Trisha.
    It’s like a whole community (mostly empty apartments still….all built around June 2014) on the edge of the countryside.

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  4. Thanks Steve.
    (Still not as ‘automatic’ as the DSLR – I think it’s the dial on the rear of the camera. Still have trouble changing settings while it’s up against my eye).


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