DUSK IN MY NEW BACKYARD – Somewhere in Suburbia

Light was fading fast as I left the riverside walking path late this afternoon.

I took a quick short-cut through my new backyard and made a few photos along the way.

One can’t help but admire the strong architectural lines and shapes that marked my path (after the natural landscape and silhouettes that ended a nature walk along the river).  A pity it wasn’t earlier with more light,  but the nature walk was unforgettable and my Living with Nature blog will show off the highlights over the coming weekend.

_DSC2246 - Version 2

_DSC2247 - Version 2

_DSC2252 - Version 2

_DSC2253 - Version 2



6 thoughts on “DUSK IN MY NEW BACKYARD – Somewhere in Suburbia

  1. It’s great how you have a nature walk and such a clean, modern city area right around you. I’m glad you were able to get out to enjoy it and I look forward to your photos!


  2. Thanks David.

    Am feeling far less stressed now and was glad to get out for a ‘nature’ walk yesterday. It was lovely even for that short time (as every outing seemed loaded with things on my ‘to do’ list previously).

    Made my hip/lumbar back pain worse, but cheered the spirits up immensely.

    All Work & No Play (photography) makes me a very Dull Girl (indeed). Having moved many times yourself, I guess you know what it’s like when you’re trying to find a place for everything in a new location. Some things fit in straight away……and others need lots more thought, trial & error 😀 This apartment is so much smaller than the last.


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