BUSKING (in the shade) – Melbourne CBD

_DSC1737 _DSC1738 _DSC1741


15 thoughts on “BUSKING (in the shade) – Melbourne CBD

  1. Took lots more photos that day, but messed the exposure up, Trisha.

    I’ve been so busy, haven’t had time to edit or really look at them much yet, Haven’t had time to read blogs or comment, but thought I’d throw in a couple of posts to ‘keep the ball rolling’ on my own blog.


  2. I was surprised you had time to get a few pictures up with the move and everything. I hope you’re settling into your new place and enjoying it.


  3. Haven’t moved yet Trisha. Am still packing (a lifetime of stuff perhaps ?). I have to do it slowly, having to sort at the same time. some things need to be stored elsewhere. My lower spine is too fragile after the 2008 surgery to do too much bending repetitiously. My severe heart condition means I have to take regular rests too (otherwise I get breathless and chest pain). So I pack a bit, clean a bit and then sit and watch a bit of tv or something. I have to continually alternate standing, sitting, kneeling etc otherwise I get the really bad chronic pain & inflammation. Am doing exceptionally well since I resumed my dairy/grain free diet in January though. Trying to keep it up as I eat up all the food stuff to save having to move it.


  4. I chatted to him for a short time, Gary. He was from Italy and travelling around. He had an excellent singing voice too. He had a gorgeous smile and if I was 40 years younger……….

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  5. Love these and more to the point………. best of luck with the move and new accommodation.
    Having been in a job that required moving rather more times than I liked and sometimes to places I didn’t like, you have my sympathy (and I was fit so double sympathy) it will all be over soon πŸ™‚
    P.s books…… hummm I look at the number I have here in Oman that I would not like to part with – head in the sand until I needs worry πŸ˜‰

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  6. David, after yesterday’s move, I am not going to budge from this new apartment (except in a wooden box)! Thank goodness for my wonderful brother (who organised everything). But I did the unpacking yesterday and today. Have 97% unpacked what we moved yesterday but more to transport to the new home another day.

    i have to say my spine is giving me @%$!. In serious pain all night, so hope tonight’s sleep is better. I hate taking heavy-duty analgesics, so tend to wait until it’s (the pain) unbearable. I’m just setting my computer up on my desk again. Still lots to do and most of my photography gear and some other stuff is still at the old flat, so it’s be a quiet night tonight.


  7. He’s adorable!!!

    I am deeply moved by your photography. It’s almost hard for me to look at because the impact of it is almost too much for me to bear.

    Thank you for sharing your gift. I will jump on with the rest of your followers. Found you through your Like on Tiramits’s blog.



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