I love ambling around the pedestrian-only shopping precinct of Melbourne’s CBD people-watching.

I love the mundane and ordinary (as I’ve often said before)…expressions on people’s faces.

The fatigue and boredom of some.

The lively expression of others.

The chaotic scramble as shops and office buildings close down and melt into the low hum of cafe society – coffee shops, wine bars and restaurants – opening up for the evening trade.

The last bars of the Busker’s song and the frantic fumbling as I negotiate my new camera’s haphazard listing of settings.  And a silent curse as I resort to Auto ISO, Auto white balance and Auto Auto.  No, I don’t mean ‘full’ Auto.  I thought I had ‘the cat in the bag‘ last week, but I seem to be struggling with the exposure this week.  And the framing.  And my memory (of manual read and repetitious sample shots at night).

Too many things to do this week, so my Photography will be limited.



9 thoughts on “JUST WALKING AROUND

  1. Zen teaches that the mundane is not less trascendent that anything else. Your pictures show that you understood that very well!

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  2. You’re right Terry.

    I know how to take photos well enough, but it seems harder to get the ISO right, OR maybe it was just the overcast day and low light.

    Even on Aperture Priority, the camera seemed to underexpose a bit (well, like I deliberately underexposed on the Canon DSLR 😀 ). I tried Auto ISO and the new camera used quite high settings.
    I genuinely think the new camera framing seems different too. I chopped seagull’s feet off last Saturday down at Port Melbourne beach (which surprised me).

    Love the 25 point ‘contrast detect’ (or 179 phase-detect points) which cover 92% of the frame. Apparently, it’s brilliant at tracking fast moving objects (like birds in the air). Haven’t tried photographing birds flying yet, but I was pleased with the results photographing seagulls in the tidal pool down at the beach on Saturday.

    All in good time……(got to find somewhere to live yet – that’s a lot harder than using a new camera).


  3. Thank you Jane. I love the expressions on people’s faces. Some look so old & tired as though the problems of the world are on their shoulders. Others (mainly young) are so glued to their mobile phones that I wonder what they did before iPhones & mobiles were invented. I suppose they talked to each other 😀


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