Life as a Busker, (street musician, artist or other Creative) is not always about the songs one sings or the audience that stops to listen.

It’s the clink of coins in the collection cap/basket/box.

_DSC0852 - Version 2

I entered into a lively discussion with the German ‘traveller’ who was the owner of the coin collection above. He was an occupational therapist from Berlin travelling through Australia and New Zealand selling his art along the way (to help fund his travels). He was obviously very talented and had a unique style for pen and watercolour wash. I don’t know what it is about travellers, but they always have an open mind and the spirit of adventure which I admire. They’re nearly always wonderful raconteurs and we briefly discussed the fjords in New Zealand’s south island (which I’d never been to, but always wanted to see).

I only wish I’d travelled more when I was in my youth and had the health, (and money), to fully explore more distant lands. The UK and central Europe (with a brief holiday in the tourist cities of Asia) are but distant memories to this grey-haired old armchair traveller that I am today.

Anyway, I’ll soon be off in a new direction in my own life, with my own rented flat up for sale by the landlord, and having to find a new home. I can’t afford this prime inner city location any more anyway, so who knows where I’ll end up. Hope it’s in a place where I wake up to the sound of birds chirping in the Spring and the wind rustling through the trees in Winter.

8 thoughts on “A BUSKER’S LIFE

  1. Thanks Gary,
    Home-hunting won’t be easy at this time in my life (not having a car), let alone finding somewhere affordable.


  2. I ended up in the north-eastern suburb of Abbotsford – a modern high-rise apartment next to the main river running through the area and 10 minutes from a pristine rather lovely children’s farm.
    I’ve wiped my Nature Blog clean on New Year’s Day otherwise you could read about the move and the amazing view I have across the rooftops.

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