1. Thanks Rob.
    This alley joins the main pedestrian-only shopping street in Melbourne to the next lane and site of many of my street photography shots because it varies from very dark to brilliant light when the sun is directly overhead. It also stinks of street art spray paint and some unmentionable dead something-or-other these days.
    I love the atmosphere as it changes through the day, depending on the light. It can be a street photographer’s dream location.


  2. Thank You Ashley (now I’ve found your Christian Name)
    One of 6 images in the series, but I think the focus on the photographer on the right might be a bit sharper than the others (in the series). I’m finding it harder and harder to chose an image to share when there are several photos that are almost the same composition.


  3. I think is was some sort of triangular light reflector David. He looked like a professional photographer with his assistant. Bit hard to see from this shot, but I looked at that black shape as they walked past me and I then turned around to photograph them as they stopped and leaned against the walls.

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  4. Hi Vicki
    Back in again having a look around at your latest snaps & really like this “Alley” one.
    Trust all good with you / Paul


  5. Thanks Gary.
    The other photographer (who looked like a professional) didn’t take any photos the whole time I was there. I wondered if he was waiting for a model.


  6. Thanks Otto.
    (Visiting this lane of street art is becoming mandatory on my city visits these days – the light changes so much during the afternoon offering lots of exposure practice).


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