I’ve often seen this young homeless man making cards on the pavement outside the department store and felt deeply about his plight.  He has a backpack and a few drawing pencils to use to make a few dollars.  I know he doesn’t like his photo being taken, hence the back view in this image.

I see his tattered old backpack holding his meagre possessions.

I see his take-away drink containers lined up like bored sentries on guard duty.

I see a few coins scattered in his shoebox.

His pencils are few (and his paper sheets even fewer).

But he is proud and likes to make cards to sell, instead of plain sitting in motionless despair (begging for a few coins).

I don’t know where he sleeps at night…whether he is warm in winter, or hot on steamy summer days, but I do care about his well-being.

I DO think about him.

I wonder if the passers-by see his plight OR walk around him intent on their shopping spree?

Who knows.

Not me.

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