MORE BUSKERS (from my Archives)




It may have been a chilly day in Winter 2012, but Buskers in Melbourne’s CBD still seem to draw a crowd. Whether watching, or just talking among themselves, (as in the third image), music (of all kinds) makes for an uplifting gathering together of kindred spirits.

I just love the Artists, Musicians, Acrobats, Mine Artists and everyone else who roam Melbourne’s shopping precinct (hoping to make a dollar or two).

6 thoughts on “MORE BUSKERS (from my Archives)

  1. I don’t like cities either, Terry. But when I started going in there a few years ago for the occasional shop & to go to the camera store (when I bought my DSLR etc), I started spending time listening to the Buskers and then…….taking their photo. So now, when its too hot or too cold to go out for a walk, I do some street photography (where you get air-conditioning or heating blasting out of the main department store doorways). I have to admit I hate getting near big crowds though. I find it a little claustrophobic and am allergic to some perfumes, so have to be careful on that one.

    I prefer the delightfully fresh aromas of trees and grass (or smell of the sea). Nothing like the natural smell of Mother Nature.


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