FITZROY (Melbourne’s first suburb)

IMG_2929Yesterday, I caught a bus, and then tram, over to an inner suburb I haven’t been to in many, many years.  I don’t know why (as it is renowned for its Street Art and one of Melbourne’s vibrant entertaining areas – very Bohemian in fact – great for artists, and………..photographers).


IMG_2939Superb weather and blue skies but I was overdressed and got so hot that I made it a pretty short walk (compared to my usual long stroll).  I spoke to one of the young local street artists taking a break in the shade of a building (opposite to the one he was working on).  He suggested I go to Rose Street, Fitzroy to see some great Street Art (which was some blocks away, a bit of a long walk for me in the heat of the bright sun).  But I made it.



Many shops were closed for the Christmas/New Year break, but there were many others, (including bars and restaurants), open.

Fitzroy was planned as Melbourne’s first suburb and is located about 2 kilometres north-east of Melbourne’s CBD.
IMG_9097 - Version 2


IMG_9094 - Version 2

Brunswick Street is one of the main streets in the area and has changed (or should I say revitalised) into a lively stretch of old (about mid to late 1800s) terraced shops, hotels and eateries with a sort of …………. Grungy, Quirky style that is irresistible to someone like me with an interest in history, cafe society and camera in hand.

I love the peeling paint and multi-layered posters curling up on some of the walls – quite a highlight of the exterior façade of many of the buildings.




I’ll go back another day and make some more photos for you.  My 50mm f1.4 prime lens was fabulous in this area, but in the narrow lanes I had to resort to my ‘wonky’ unreliable 18-200mm lens because I couldn’t get far enough back to capture the whole length of the murals I saw.

IMG_9107 - Version 2

IMG_9111 - Version 2

IMG_9113 - Version 2


9 thoughts on “FITZROY (Melbourne’s first suburb)

  1. Thanks David. You are so right.

    Melbourne’s Street Art in many areas is a forever changing kaleidoscope of colour, lines and shapes in its many compositions, but I haven’t seen so many layers of peeling paper and paint as I saw yesterday in Fitzroy.

    Fitzroy deserves a much longer walk around the back lanes and many visits to capture some of the atmosphere. I need to plan my next visit in advance. Not like my visits to Melbourne’s CBD which are usually initiated by the need to go to a particular store in the main shopping precinct.

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  2. Makes one think of all of the history of individual lives that took place there as the posters were put into place, stayed their time and were replaced. I wonder if there are folk there who remember.

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  3. Another great collection of your images,vicki. I love the color shot of the building ,but the B&W are lovely too. If I had the $ to fly there,you know I would come and visit with my cameras too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cool place Vicki, and cool images too. I love those layers of posters peeling at the edges – I wonder if you went down to the first one if you might find an old poster from 1975 for a very early AC/DC gig 🙂

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