MORETON BAY FIG (Ficus macrophylla) – Treasury Gardens, Melbourne

I’ve never pretended to be a landscape photographer.

Partly because I say I rarely get to a location where I can take Landscape photos.  I seem to associate the word ‘Landscapes‘ with countryside or mountains.  The truth is that there are some landscape scenes within my inner city surroundings – I just don’t seem to see them.  I’m always looking at the small details around me (and rarely at the big picture).

When I walked through the long avenue of Moreton Bay Fig trees to my medical appointment yesterday, I was determined to try to capture the height of these enormous trees and the long avenue in these gardens.  Finally, after many attempts, I feel as though I got the composition right.  You really need people walking down the pathway to put the tree height in perspective.  These trees are massive and their root structure above the ground is often long like the tentacles of an octopus.  The Moreton Bay Fig trees are grown along the east coast of Australia….mainly in the northern states. These trees in the Treasury Gardens (just below the Treasure Buildings on the eastern edge of Melbourne’s CBD) were probably planted in the early 1860s to get to this height.

I wonder how tall they are in the wild?

IMG_2516 - Version 2 IMG_2518 - Version 2 IMG_2519 - Version 3


15 thoughts on “MORETON BAY FIG (Ficus macrophylla) – Treasury Gardens, Melbourne

  1. These are beautiful! 🙂

    And as I am far away from home (Himalayas), I really miss landscape photography. I too kinda have the same notion as you. Cities have so much less to offer. I might be wrong, but still. 🙂


  2. Thanks Nandini.
    Yes, I just can’t get landscapes out of a city scene. I always imagine them (Landscapes) to be majestic and stretch miles into the distance.


  3. Thank you Terry. These Moreton Bay Figs are nearly as high as the Montezuma Cypress in the Botanic Gardens on my side of the city.

    Have been home a lot lately resting up and trying to think of some new locations for photography. I think I’ve shot everything ‘under the sun’ within public transport reach.


  4. I get kind of like that in the winter when the snow and ice limit my travel to the larger roads and I can’t get to where I really want to go.


  5. Oh, so that’s why I haven’t seem any more posts from you, John. I’ll check out your new blog now……thanks.
    My blog posts have been a bit scarce lately, but hopefully 2015 will be more regular.
    (PS. It’s so hard to find photo subjects now I’m not doing the long afternoon walks – wish I had a car and could drive down the coast or up the country).


  6. Vicki, I don’t think you should be too concerned about finding new subject. You have a fantastic way of finding new aspects of old subjects.
    I was sorry that I had to close Scattered Words. One day I might explain. But I was very sad that I lost some of my valued readers and I am glad you are back.

    Liked by 1 person

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