9 thoughts on “WHAT’S AROUND THE CORNER – Southgate, Melbourne

  1. We have mainly Silver Gulls here in Melbourne, but there are often a few of the larger Pacific Gulls (with the orange & red beak) down at Port Melbourne beach. I thought there was a third, but it turned out to be a Whiskered Tern. I’m sure there are others, but its mainly the Silver Gulls that I see everywhere.


  2. Thanks Suchled. I’ve certainly made a few good photos 39 years ago on the little old $10 instamatic camera that I bought in Singapore on holiday, (and also a film camera I bought in the UK in 1976), but most of those old photos look like rubbish now that I’ve got a modern 18 megapixel DLSR. Many non-photographers think its easy taking good photos, but I can assure you its not. I calculate I’ve taken over 70,000 in 4+ years and I’m still learning (and taking bad shots too, especially now my autofocus is playing up).

    I do get more ‘keepers’ these days though. Four years ago, I was lucky to get 1-5 good shots out of 500 in an afternoon. Now I get 30-50 good shots out of about 250. I still get the odd day when I take 200 really bad shots though – usually when I’m really fatigued and can’t hold the heavy DSLR still and the images are blurred. Holding the camera perfectly still (in the absence of a tripod) is half the ‘key’.


    By the way, I thought your insect photos turned out well. Practice, practice, practice (is the key).


  3. Thanks Otto.
    It certainly amused me when I saw it on the computer. I liked the other 3 (unposted) photos of this chef taking a break too, but they didn’t pose a question to the viewer.


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