I never cease to be amazed at the size of the cafes in the narrow pedestrian lane in Centre Place in Melbourne.  Most have only 2 tables outside, although some are double roller-door’s width and have small table & chairs inside as well.  The lane itself is dark and only really well-lit when the cafes are open, or the summer sun shines directly overhead.

The image above shows exactly how wide – probably about 6 feet.  The image below (which I shared a few posts ago) show how dark and gloomy it can get at dusk on an overcast day.  Despite this, it is a vibrant and well-used area as the lane is a major route for office workers and shoppers heading for home.  Weekends have a slightly different clientele – more bohemian and altogether more interesting for street photography.  Next time I’m in the city on a Sunday, I’ll make (and share) some more images.



  1. Interesting street photography Vicki – we were in Melbourne several years ago but didn’t make it to Centre Place. Sounds like an interesting spot!


  2. To be completely honest, Bulldog, I’ve never stopped to drink/eat at one. Everything looks yummy though. I tend to have a snack of Japanese sushi/sashimi when I’m in the city and get hungry. Being grain/dairy intolerant, I steer away from cafes, in general. I found a fabulous little cafe selling North Indian ‘street food’ a couple of weeks ago and have been there several times in recent weeks though. I took some photos inside, but the food shots didn’t come out too well – my seat was facing the wrong way and the food looked ‘ordinary’.


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