6 thoughts on “COFFEE FOR TWO?

  1. Thanks Timothy, I’ll have to search out the previous photo I shot through this 1st floor cafe/wine bar. I made this photo from street level looking upwards, hence it’s not as clear as if it had been down on the street level where I was walking.

    I never shared the other image and forgot about it as I’ve been so caught up with my computer crash last week. I’ll see if I can find it on the backup drive I used to store my old photos.

    The facial expressions are priceless on that first image.


  2. That look! She’s aware of the younger lady but the awareness isn’t reciprocated. It is photos like this that would be lost if it was in colour.


  3. Yes, I’ve watched it on the tram between two young ones. I couldn’t believe I was seeing two friends texting each other when they were sitting right next to each other.
    How these young people pay their phone bills I don’t know…..


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