NOTE: September was not a good month.  First my vacuüm cleaner died, then the fridge played up………then my Safari (Apple’s iconic super fast and elegant web browser for Mac)  died last Thursday, crashed my computer (which couldn’t be revived), necessitating a complete ‘erase’ and new operating system installed ………. and yesterday……ehrrr my TV cable connection seems to have ‘passed away’.  Perhaps the aerial on top of my block of apartments blew off in the horrific storm Melbourne experienced on Tuesday afternoon.  Back online with a new vacuüm cleaner, new fridge, new ‘Mavericks’ on my Mac……..but I’ll have to follow up the TV issue……..tomorrow.

I thought bad luck only happened in ‘3s’?

Let’s hope October is a better month.

9 thoughts on “A RANDOM SHOT IN CENTRE PLACE, MELBOURNE (late this afternoon)

  1. Oh no,Vicki! This is like a JOB experience for you. But, be of good cheer and I will ask for a miracle for your tele to come back to life! Now,this pic of the light post is pretty cool too. I am getting a Canon SL 1 and only because it’s a cheap way to start over again. Later a 70d? Take care! 


  2. It will never happen…then it all happens at once. The good news is that these days we get it fixed quicker…the down side is that it usually costs much more to fix. All you can do is grit your teeth, deep breath then smile (-:


  3. Thanks for the good wishes, Steve. I forgot to mention that the EOS 600D & 18-200mm are STILL playing up (with the Autofocus) too.

    Good to hear you’re getting back to some Photography too – hope the eyesight hasn’t deteriorated further.


  4. Thanks David. You’re right. I’ve been doing a lot of teeth gritting lately, but on the whole, my Meditation and Mindful Living over the last 4 years is helping me keep relatively calm. Thanks for your message.


  5. It seems as though my daily living has been rebooted, Terry.

    All problems resolved.
    And now………….well, it’s a bit chilly and damp today………..but hopefully, the Spring will return in the next few days for a decent walk.

    ……and while the Autofocus on my camera/lens is still playing up, it’s not so bad on Manual mode (which is what I always used to use) – most people use Aperture Priority and I had been using it more often lately (which seemed to make my intermittent Autofocus problem occur more often).

    No matter how high the mountain to climb, there’s always a leisurely stroll down the other side.


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