This Busker, (or Street Artist), needed the full breathing apparatus to work on his paintings – a combination of spray paint, stanley knife, sponge and a few other tools.

After making these images, I stood behind him and watched him at work for quite some time.  He was very talented and just……..amazing.  I wondered how much his black and white masterpieces cost, but having just left my DSLR and lens at the camera store repair department, I decided it was not an affordable option to ask how much and I should just admire his talent and style from the pavement edge.

IMG_8325 IMG_8326 IMG_8327



  1. Well-captured Vicki! Was anyone buying?? And am curious what happened w your camera repair…I’m having some issues w my Nikon and they want a fortune just to check it out 😦


  2. No one was buying at the time I was watching this artist, Tina, but I thought his panoramic B & W was stunning.

    The Repair Technician is supposed to contact me on Wednesday of this week to let me know his opinion. The camera shop repair department charge $95 to clean the DSLR (but I notice they have a ‘note’ on my equipment receipt to not charge me if the sensor is ok and doesn’t actually need a clean). I want them to check it out first before I authorise them to send it off to Canon for further examination and/or repair. It was going to cost A$88 just to send it direct to Canon (before Canon would even look at it). This wonderful camera store know by my account I have spend a lot of money and bought all my gear there, so they look after me extremely well.

    I figured I may as well get it cleaned for the $95 in the repair dept, as after 4 years, it probably needs it (?) anyway. I feel as though there are faint flecks of sand under the lens. Not sure. Then if the shop repair technician diagnose that either/or body/lens will cost a lot of money to repair, I may decide its not worth it. I’ll keep you posted.

    Do you have an ongoing relationship with a camera store or did you buy your Nikon online?


  3. We don’t have a camera store near me any more. I buy all of my cameras at B&H but I have a good service tech that I mail to when necessary. Sensors definitely need cleaning after a year at most but I do that myself following the manual instructions. I have an issue between camera and lens with focus matching to my teleconverter. Probably just going to do without the TC :-(. It’s 8 years old so I guess I’m OK with it dying.


  4. Those aerosol cans of paint smell terrible, Bulldog. I don’t know how the young guys breathe when they’re doing street art in the narrow lane ways. Maybe they get high on the fumes and are used to it.

    Had to be in colour – they looked terrible in B & W (despite the fact that this is supposed to be my B & W blog).


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