ONE, TWO, THREE…………GONE – Tram Stop, Melbourne CBD

Wish the 3rd image had been sharper, but you know how it is – you get an idea of people & trams moving and somehow you inadvertently move the camera at the same time people are moving.  Some more practice at focusing on the stationary subjects (while other people and tram are moving might be helpful).

I’m sure you get the idea of the series though.  I’ll try again when the nights are warmer in the summer and it’s not so cold waiting for a tram to go home.  This series was made in mid-April – Autumn in Melbourne.

IMG_5711 IMG_5712 IMG_5721 IMG_5722 IMG_5723 IMG_5726

6 thoughts on “ONE, TWO, THREE…………GONE – Tram Stop, Melbourne CBD

    1. Thank you Chan – glad you enjoyed them. There’s more towards the start of this B & W blog (if you’ve the time to browse).
      Street Photography is not easy. I’ve still got to use my 18-200mm telephoto as Australians don’t like strangers taking their photo (except for buskers/musicians who need the publicity of course). I’ve never used my 50mm f1.4 prime lens for street photography.


      1. You are right Vicky. Nobody like to be photographed, including here in Brazil.
        But a DSRL with superzoom is very heavy (and expensive). So I use a good compact camera with 22x zoom.
        I lose a little quality but gain in practicality.


    2. I’ve been reading a lot about those little super zooms Chan. Sometimes I think I would like to buy one, but other times, I really can’t justify the financial outlay when I’ve spent so much money on my 2 DSLR camera bodies and 4 lenses already. On the other hand, if I sold my 150-500mm ‘birding’ lens, I could easily afford one of the smaller super zooms.

      I’ve read dozens, (if not hundreds), of reviews, but can’t make a decision.


      1. Well, I have a Nikon S9500 (22x). Maybe I will buy a Canon SX700 HS (30x), because it has manual control.
        S9500 is good camera, but unfortunately, it is totally automatic.
        I think a compact camera will never have the same quality of a DSLR. The ideal is to have both.


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