THE BOAT SHED – Ornamental Lake, Royal Botanic Gardens

I haven’t done any Street Photography on the last 3 visits to Melbourne’s CBD and am feeling totally uninspired in my attempts at Black and White Photography at the moment.

There seems to be no ‘light’ in my vision.

With the warmer weather of Spring, I have no real excuse for not getting outdoors and experimenting, but this new blog of mine seems to be lagging in the new image department.  This morning I converted this relatively recent photo to B & W to keep the ball rolling.  But I need to fossick around for some new material.

I know.  Excuses, excuses.

IMG_9708 - Version 2


5 thoughts on “THE BOAT SHED – Ornamental Lake, Royal Botanic Gardens

  1. Thanks Terry.
    One of those fantastic days when the brilliant late afternoon sun lit up the trees like a spotlight against the deep shade of the thick old trees in the background. I think I’ve made about 4-5 images in recent weeks that are all very similar. I seem to remember sharing a couple of similar images on my old blog.

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  2. I hope it’s not too cliche-ish for me to say this, Vicki, but your photos always make me see the ordinary as extraordinary. Apart from being grateful for your friendship, I am also grateful for the way you have readjusted my vision of the world. It is hard to explain what I mean here but you have focussed my generally unobservant eye to NOTICE details and embrace a joy I was unaware of before I met you – thank you so so much for this gift.


  3. You’re welcome, Julie. It’s amazing how much more I see through the camera lens.

    I know what you mean about the other stuff. I spent many many years being so immersed in chronic pain and illness that I could see nothing beyond suffering. Now I consider myself a Photographer (who just happens to have a few chronic health issues), not a Sick Person. We all face difficult phases in our life, but its how we face the challenges and deal with them that counts.

    I certainly see how much you’re ‘moving on’ as you come to grips with the changing events in your own life. I’m not saying its easy. I’m just saying that one has to form Balance and Perspective.


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