As soon as I saw two aerosol paint cans lying in a puddle in the centre of the alley, I knew what I was going to photograph this afternoon.  Results to follow.

(I’m sure the tourists and other photographers wondered what I was photographing while kneeling on the wet asphalt staring so intently at the ground.  One Asian tourist came up to ask me and I showed her on the LCD screen.  Then her partner took a photo of the two of us.  Not sure what story would accompany that shot when the two tourists shared their images with family and friends when they arrived home).


2 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO CANS – Part 1

  1. I’m in the city everyday at the moment for MIFF so if you see a strange, well rugged up bloke peering at you it’s probably me trying to figure out if it is you!


  2. Well, don’t forget to say Hello, Terry.

    I’m the grey-haired old lady peering myopically at every ‘Tom, Dick & Harry”, aerosol can, leaf…….and Busker in Burke Street. One of these days (and it was very nearly today), I’m going to lie flat on the ground trying to get a good shot and they will call an ambulance thinking I’ve had a heart attack. I’ve layed flat on the ground in the RBG, but never been game to do it in the CBD (at my age).

    Too wet today anyway. Should be nice next Friday and Saturday, so it might be Ringwood Lake and/or Warrandyte on the agenda.

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