Amazing light down at St Kilda late this afternoon.

St Kilda beach and pier are the closest beach side suburb to my home via public transport.

Shooting into the sun created mainly silhouettes as I headed back to the tram stop to go home at around 4.45pm.  The images below are the last few I made before I crossed the highway to the tram stop.  Most of the 235 images I made over an hour and a half were deliberately under-exposed as the bright sun turned the upper skyline completely white.  I only had a 50mm f1.4 lens with me as I’ve been trying to wean myself off using a telephoto lens 99% of the time.

I might go back tomorrow with my 18-200mm telephoto lens as the calm, wind-free conditions are forecast for the next 3 days and I’d like to try again using the lens I’m more used to.  It’ll be the best winter weather we’ve had in Melbourne for weeks.  (note: I’m not sure that my B & W images look as effective on this new PhotoBlog of mine.  Especially the 5th image down in this series which has a white sky.   I think they looked better on my old blog which had a black background and clearly framed the images – don’t know what others think).

IMG_9102 - Version 2 IMG_9113 - Version 2 IMG_9135 - Version 2 IMG_9136 - Version 2 IMG_9140 IMG_9144 - Version 3



  1. I much prefer a white background and dark text. Easier on the eyes. Have you tried putting a black border around those images that have the white-out sky? I do that sometimes and it can help frame the image. Just a thought. Your photos are lovely. I am getting to know Melbourne through your eyes.
    Jude xx


  2. I thought the white backgrounds might be easier on this new blog of mine. If you’re enjoying scenes of Melbourne, and have the time, you might like to browse through my old blog at victoriaaphotography.wordpress.com
    There’s about 3,000 images on that blog, but many of the images on the early posts seem to have disappeared. Must have been something to do with the way I was uploading my Picasa edited images from my old Windows desktop computer (which crashed several times over the years before I got rid of it).


  3. Thanks Steve. I think it’s the low tide and light reflections that looks so appealing for a walk. High tide covers the sand and beach almost completely and you can only walk along the higher esplanade next to the road and restaurants.


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