NATURE (in Black & White)

(Black & White conversions from the Archives – Click on the first image to start, as some of them are portrait size and some landscape).


6 thoughts on “NATURE (in Black & White)

    1. Thanks Bulldog.
      No new images at the moment so decided to look for some suitable B & W conversions in the archives last night.

      The winter light is a bit dull for good B & W compositions outdoors at the moment. Not enough contrast.


    1. Thanks Dina. Much better than usual this winter, thank you.

      Lots of rest and not too much walking. I’m always torn between walking to keep the sciatic pain at bay, and not walking too much (to aggravate the chronic right ankle problem). You may remember I had to use a walking stick last winter and couldn’t go out much at all.

      Haven’t done much photography though and that’s always frustrating. Such terrible winds we’ve been having and lots of storm damage around Melbourne. Vicki x


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