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When I’m standing at one of the tram stops in the city centre waiting for my transport home, I often take random shots of the action across the road.

It’s usually a couple of quick shots with little thought to composition or focus.

Every now and then I get a good shot, sometimes a Great Shot!  (and sometimes a not-so-good shot).

But since every photo opportunity is a Great Opportunity (to practice Street Photography), none of the resulting images could possibly be a waste of time.

IMG_8867 IMG_8868 IMG_8869 IMG_8870



    • Thanks Bulldog.
      I’ve watched these young guys many times from across the street, but only once up close. They’re really great, especially the one with the check shirt.


      • do you know these guys group name? any contact number? if you have, please can you text me on my number 0475832632. i need it, any information will be great. thanks

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      • Sorry I can’t help you out with any details, Mehdi.
        I might never bump into these guys again (for all I know).

        Currently in hospital after back surgery so I’m sorry to say, I can’t even go into the city to look for these guys in future weeks either.


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