I spent most of yesterday afternoon wiping rain drops off my camera and lens.

The sun did appear from behind the dark grey clouds a few times, but it was generally lacklustre light conditions for photography.

The result………………some shots in focus, but many blurred as I hurriedly aimed and then tried to get out of the spattering of rain drops.

But maybe that’s the way it should be on a Dark, Gloomy Saturday afternoon in Melbourne’s winter.



9 thoughts on “SATURDAY IN THE CITY (of Melbourne)

  1. Being a bloke [who has been wearing Akubra’s since the early 80s] I’ve been into The City Hatters a few times over the years. I took my youngest there to buy his first hat [he’s a bit of a hipster]. Unfortunately they have remodelled the inside and so it has lost a bit of its charm……… but it is still worth a vist.


  2. Thankyou Dr_IQ.
    It’s fascinating what some people will do to get the audience throwing some money in their cap/box.
    At least he was having a good time, even though he wasn’t making any money.


  3. I’ve never been inside, myself, Terry.
    I just love the old fashioned style of the shop facade – sorry to hear about the interior remodelling though.


  4. Thanks Tina.
    (I do have a plastic sleeve for my camera at home, for when it rains, but I’ve never actually used it).
    Actually the rain was a wee bit annoying as it was only droplets or light showers, so not enough to put the camera away and go home, but just enough to make for wiping it every few minutes.


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