Sculpture in Colour

A couple of followers wanted to see this sculpture in colour, so here is the original straight out of the camera.

The sculpture is actually pure white (and the purple on the legs and arms is purely the reflection off the building and the light at the time of making the image).

The building is dark grey, not this bluish tone, so my camera settings didn’t even get that colour correct.

Made about 2.40pm on an overcast day with an ISO of 800 which is about the highest I can go without getting noise.   The shutter speed was 1/20 and since I can rarely hand-hold the camera steady below 1/40, I thought the focus turned out pretty good (in the absence of a tripod with the slow shutter speed).  I rarely take a tripod into the city centre as it’s too bulky on crowded public transport and on this particular day, I also met the protest rally up this northern end of the city and it was very crowded in the nearby main street.

IMG_7080 - Version 2

8 thoughts on “Sculpture in Colour

  1. LOL.

    I like the colour version better too, but this blog is supposed to be B & W (and it didn’t fit my ‘Living With Nature’ blog).

    I thought the purple on the legs etc was ‘wrong’ because the image didn’t show the correct all over white, but somewhere tonight I read a blog which said it doesn’t matter if the colour of the subject is ‘wrong’, just that the resulting image is whatever you (as the artist & photographer) want it to be.


  2. I do agree with the last statement… I hate the people that critique as to how a photo should be… it’s what you make it…


  3. You are absolutely right Vicki, its your interpretation of the world as you! see it (dare I say – anyone who says otherwise “tell them to sod off…..” ) as it happens, I actually prefer it in B&W but I would say that would I not 🙂



  4. Thanks for the comment, David.
    (I think I spend too much time trying to get subjects in sharp focus to please the viewers. As to B & W, well, that’s why your own blog is a favourite of mine…….simple subject and great B & W with strong contrast).


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