2 thoughts on “TRAFFIC JAM – Chinatown, Melbourne CBD

  1. Thanks Bulldog.

    Nothing like a long stream of trucks and delivery vans to ‘choke up the works’. Melbourne opened a massive multi-million dollar emporium the day after this shot, housing some 1000 shops & eateries. I’ve never seen so many last minute workmen and delivery vans in such a short stretch of road. I’ll wait until the ‘newness’ wears off before checking out the new multi-storey shopping area. Apparently, there’s a lot of overseas brand stores – even a large Swedish store in the old GPO (General Post Office) round the next corner – a real hit with the young folk, so the TV news said.

    I dislike window shopping and department stores in general, so it’ll probably be one afternoon walk around the new shopping levels and then not bother venturing there again (unless there’s a camera shop – LOL).

    Not sure whether Melbourne has the ‘shopping population’ to fill that many new stores (or the money to spend on overseas designer labels). Still, it will create a lot of jobs, and then………people with more money to spend at the new shops, I guess.

    The whole shopping centre of Melbourne will be open to 7.00pm (with a continuation of 9.00pm shopping on Friday nights, and the usual all day shopping on Saturday and Sunday).


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