BUSKERS (Street Musicians)

I tried so hard to take the last image in this series without that plastic barrel lane divider behind the musician’s head, but all my efforts were to no avail.  I could have left the image out of this post, but these amazing and very talented musicians deserved to have all 3 photos online.  (I guess some of you experienced P/S editors could have removed the barrel from the background).

These photos were made as I waited for a tram to take me home and their music was just extraordinary – the perfect background for a long wait and a delight to the senses.

IMG_5491 IMG_5492 IMG_5493

13 thoughts on “BUSKERS (Street Musicians)

  1. Nice captures,Vicki. As a guitar player myself,I found these a trip down memory lane.



    1. I don’t usually worry about the backgrounds too much in the city centre, but this plastic barrel thing was a real nuisance, especially as there was bright sun on the raised grass area of the city square behind it which made it all the more distracting. I couldn’t go to the right as the light was too poor in this shady section of trees.


  2. I’d say at least 75-85% are professional musicians of some sort or other, Terry. This duo could easily have made record-breaking deals.

    The busker/musicians playing in the main shopping mall each seem to take it in turns to play a series of pieces and then take a break so that the person/group 50 feet down the shopping mall can take ‘centre stage’. There’s latin, flamenco, folk singing (or easy listening music), classical, singing, pipes, banjos, guitars, drums, percussion, fiddle playing and a whole lot more.

    A sunny day brings out a wide variety of sounds in various locations. On a good day, I can never chose which ones to stop and listen to.

    Then there’s the jugglers, mime, illusionist, painters, portrait artist, craft table – even once, I heard a Chinese opera singer. I think you have to go into the city centre and walk around on different days and in different seasons to capture them all.

    A rainy wintery day still brings a few who shelter in corners and under department store awnings or cafe umbrellas and tram stop shelters.


    1. Seems to me that is a wonderful tradition top maintain in a large city, but it must be a city that has a somewhat easy, relaxed feel to it. I can think of none in the U.S., but perhaps some that I have never visited.


      1. I think all large Western cities have their good sides and their bad sides, Terry – Melbourne included. There are certainly more police patrols in recent years which discourage the unsavoury element. Many festivals and New Year’s Eve revelry in the city centre are alcohol free zones which also help.

        But we’re a smaller capital city than many in the US and there is a genuine effort to make the city centre both an enjoyable local destination (as well as an interesting Tourist experience). I DO think the multicultural background on which Melbourne is built does make for a wide variety of entertainment and restaurant experiences. Sure there’s MacDonalds, KFC and an assortment of junk food outlets, but the restaurants are world class. Even some of the little cafes and coffee shops are top class in their food and drinks.

        Having said that, I would do anything to be able to travel overseas again. Northern Europe, the Himalayas, Canada and Alaska as well as the National Parks in the US are still on my ‘Bucket list’.

        Montana looks like a great destination too.


  3. Love love love love love love the new blog Vicki, I’ve always been big into black and white, and the photo you have of Melbourne at the top is top notch, and the musicians are awesome. Your blog is one of my favorite photo blogs and I wish I wasn’t so damn busy but I get behind coming by every week; I just wanted to let you know that your pictures are a positive inspiration to me 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, Kenneth. Glad you’re enjoying the images of Melbourne’s CBD. I’ve just got behind in reading your own blog and notice there’s 2 new posts in my email inbox to catch up with.

      By the way, I guess I’ll eventually run out of musicians to photograph, but when I get more time, I’ll be looking for some more subjects in B & W. Not necessarily in the city. Not sure yet as I’ve been so busy with health stuff and Spring Cleaning (in Autumn – lol).

      Now my 2 new blogs are up and running, I’ll be slowing down the posts somewhat. But there’s no doubt that just when one thinks, there’s nothing else to photograph in the city, I come upon something new. Saw some weird architecture up the northern end of the city last night, so will have to visit that area earlier in the day to make the most of the light – the 3-4 photos I shot early in the evening were too dark and not salvageable with editing.


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